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The new Lab-X5000 is offered with new aesthetics, latest technology and features following the legendary Lab-X SERIES.

The new LAB-X5000 bench top EDXRF spectrometer, the easiest to use and most flexible LAB-X ever.  We’ve designed the
instrument so that it would be familiar to our long-standing Lab-X users, including improvements they’ve been asking for,
but also be attractive to new customers.  The LAB-X5000 analyzes elements from Mg12 to U92 and does not use helium –
automatic atmospheric compensation helps ensure stable results for all light elements.  

The LAB-X5000 features streamlined software inspired by the point-and-shoot simplicity of our handheld analysers that
combines with true one-touch measurement capabilities to offer the shortest measurement start sequence in the
industry.  The routine analysis screen is designed for easy reading of results, with large font, pass/fail indicators and
SmartCheck messages to provide instructions to operators about how to handle out-of-specification results; all presented
cleanly without clutter from icons and menus.  

LAB-X5000 highlights:

  • 7” industrial grade touch screen
  • Entirely new user interface
  • One-touch measurement start
  • Data handling capabilities including USB and LiveConnect
  • High resolution SDD
  • Smaller footprint compared to Lab-X3500
  • Audible alert after measurement
  • Helium-free analysis with atmospheric compensation

Functionalities include:

  • Viewing results remotely for one or multiple LAB-X5000s for a fully integrated quality record system.
  • Viewing sample spectra (including peak labels for the elements included in the calibration), with the ability to zoom
    in specific regions of interest to confirm elements are present.
  • Add images to a result to help identify samples or simply have a visual record.
  • Creating reports in a flexible “.csv” format or a PDF format.
  • Renaming the analysers’ names in your account to identify them easily (e.g.  LAB-X5000 Location A, LAB-X5000
    Production Line 4). This is very useful for fleet management.
  • Filter results by date, name, analyser to find them quickly.