Volga Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
We provide quality and cost effective answers to analytical challenges!!!

     Volga Instruments Pvt. Ltd is one of the fastest growing companies with a significant objective to provide technologically superior Analytical
Instruments and service to our customers across India and neighboring countries. The company is primarily driven by a team of experts who bring
immense hands-on experience in the field of Analytical Instrumentation.

     Volga Instruments is a company that evolved from humble beginnings in 2007. Presently, we are exclusively supplying XRF Spectrometers,
Particle Size & Shape Analysers and Fusion Bead Machines

     We are headquartered at Thane (Near Mumbai) with regional offices in all major metros to carry out the business operations evenly. The salient
feature of Volga Instruments is its expert team which leverages the clients with scalable efforts to achieve their business goals.

     Our customers are from various industry segments, but not limited to Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries, Cement Companies, Mines &
Minerals, Forensic Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, Educational & Research Institutes, Paints & Pigments and Agricultural sector.

     Our key objective is to provide excellent after sales service through unrelenting commitment by utilizing experience and skills of our people. All
our engineers are well qualified and well trained. We maintain a good infrastructure in terms of people, products, spares and services for our foreign
principals to get their deserving market share in INDIA.