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Nieka Fusion Machine

     NIEKA  fluxers  has advanced Design & Performance of Borate Fusion to the XXIst century yet keeping a competitive edge.
Fusion is technique used to prepare inorganic samples,with a view to analyze them by XRF, inductively coupled
plasma(ICP),atomic absorption(AA) or any traditional wet chemistry method. Typical samples include
cements,ores,slag,sediments,soils,rocks,ceramic pigments,glasses & even metals. The fusion bead method is an effective sample
preparation technique for accurate XRF analysis results of ores,rocks & refractory materials since the technique eliminates
heterogeneity due to grain size & mineralogical effect.This technique is used in Cement, Mineral & Mining Industry. A fusion
can produce either a small, homogeneous glass disk(or "bed") for XRF, or an acid solution for other analytical methods.

     With a very small footprints, the NIEKA instruments allow the fully automated preparation of samples by fusion. NIEKA
instruments self-calibrate and  communicate their status in real-time over a network,Using only low -Pressure Propane or
natural gas (G-Series) or a standard 240V outlet (E-Series),we achieve the perfect fusion conditions.
NIEKA fluxer offer the following outstanding features:

  • Reliable temp monitoring of the fusion process.
  • Proprietary heating chambers allowing a high thermal efficiency.
  • Significant reduction of fusion process time,high productivity.
  • Separate dedicated burners to pre-heat molds.
  • Huge multilingual touch screen with intuitive interface.
  • Self-monitoring, Remote-handling of maintenance schedule.
  • Low-Pressure gas line,both natural gas as well as LPG,Propane.
  • Low Operating cost: No compressed air or oxygen is required.
  • Real time flame monitoring,automatic gas supply shut-off.
  • USB- as  well as TP/IP Ethernet-Port.
  • Integrated self locking safety cabinet.
Nieka® G-Series Gas positions
  • Model G1 : For the Preparation of one glass beads for XRF or peroxide fusions.
  • Model G3 : For the Preparation of one to three glass beads for XRF or peroxide fusions.
  • Model G4: For the Preparation of one to four glass beads for XRF or peroxide fusions.
  • Model G8: For the Preparation of one to eight glass beads for XRF or peroxide fusions.

Nieka® E-Series
  • Model E1  Electric 1 Automatic Electric Borate Fusion Instrument
The NIEKA advantages can be summarized as follows :
  • Perfect repeatability with a very low margin of variation, thanks to its patented design and
    temp control features.
  • A very low cost of ownership,thanks to its very sturdy components and simple yet intelligent
  • Connectivity through USB and Ethernet ports. The instruments can be remotely monitored
    and if necessary,linked to an existing LIMS system.
  • Advanced (optional) safety features for the gas-fired fluxers.
  • Very easy installation and operation, just a low pressure gas line is required.
  • Self-Monitoring features.